Exhibition Program

Installation of glass artwork by Robert Fielding in Glassworks smokestack gallery

Current Exhibition

Artist, Robert Fielding, seated on a large rock in Country.

Robert Fielding: NYARU

Showing 9 May to 21 Jul 2024

Robert Fielding is a contemporary artist of Pakistani, Afghan, Western Arrernte and Yankunytjatjara descent, who lives in Mimili Community in the remote Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) Lands.

Future Exhibitions

Cobi Cockburn: Pink Moon

01 Aug - 22 Sep 2024

Cobi Cockburn is a celebrated contemporary artist, who uses glass, light, and line as her medium. Pink Moon marks a departure from her established palette and uses colour as a metaphor for the human experience of being and feeling.

Elliat Rich

03 Oct - 15 Dec 2024

Elliat Rich is a designer, furniture maker and deep thinker who has created a multi-facted creative practice that is led by curiosity, wonder and the possibilities of the imagination.

Jeffrey Sarmiento, Encyclopaedia Object, 2019. Courtesy of the artist.

Jeffrey Sarmiento

03 Oct - 15 Dec 2024
Jeffrey Sarmiento is known for his creative practice exploring cultural identity and the graphic image in glass, Sarmiento embeds layers of information in his intricately constructed objects, sculptures and public commissions.

Past Exhibitions 2024

2023 Exhibition Program

Net Worth

12 Jan - 26 Feb 2023
Net Worth brings together the works of emerging artists Louis Grant, Jessica Murtagh, Shirley Jianzhen Wu and Madisyn Zabel. They explore concepts of identity, societal stereotypes, and technology overlayed with history and craftsmanship engrained in glassmaking.

Two cast glass stones displayed on a sheet of engraved timber.

Lucy Simpson: Baayangalibiyaay

18 May - 21 Jul 2023
An exhibition of new works that explores the story of materiality and memory which looks to the glassmaking process to record, absorb, reflect and transform its body as a means by which to translate great periods of upheaval and environmental crisis across river landscapes.

Lisa Sammut: a circular logic

23 Jul - 08 Oct 2023
a circular logic is an installation activated by time and space. Lisa Sammut creates immersive installations that offer the viewer the chance to experience and encounter something magical. These are spaces for deep reflection where nothing else seems to exist.

Glass gold leaf coins with 'TRY AGAIN' stamped on them


23 Jul - 08 Oct 2023
New works in glass by Zoe Brand explores human interactions through phrases that can be read or misread, and how quickly things can be interpreted or misinterpreted.

Series of five colourful & geometric glass vessels


19 Oct to 16 Dec 2023

This co-curated group show featuring works by Judi Elliot, Drew Spangenberg, April Phillips, Kate Benazi and Gibson Karlo draws on the visually extravagant design movement that was derived by the Memphis Group.