Flame working with Sarah Murphey

Re-imagining TV Screens

During 2022-23 Canberra Glassworks undertook major research project supported by the Australian Government’s Restart, Investment to Sustain and Expand (RISE) Fund to develop new products from waste TV screens and waste glass for reuse as possible architectural features and functional objects.  For this project we assembled a team of creative problem solvers including artists, designers, and craftspeople to research the potential for using waste glass. According to our waste recycling partners, there are currently 100’s of tonnes of glass sitting in recycling centres across Australia at risk of becoming landfill or processed into road base.

The pilot project was designed to evolve into a program to deliver sustainable, long-term outcomes that benefit artists, designers and the environment. The next phase of this project will take and test prototypes for architectural application. Functional objects are now being produced by Canberra Glassworks as part of CGW Signature range.


In 2022 and 2023, a collaborative effort between artists and technical experts involved testing of industrial glass waste for repurposing into hand-made products. Initially focusing on CRT television screens, the testing phase grew to include waste glass from the building industry and the food and beverage sector. Various techniques such as free-blowing, mould blowing, kiln casting, slumping, and hot casting were reviewed for their manufacturing capabilities.

This comprehensive phase provided our artists with an understanding of how to effectively utilise these recycled materials. As a result, the first two products have been introduced to the market: the Dhanngal glass mussel shell and a carafe and glass set. Currently, the team is working on the development of a third product designed for architectural applications, due for release in 2025. This ongoing research into repurposing industrial glass waste shows our dedication to creating sustainable methods of making innovative hand-made glass.

Two cast glass stones displayed on a sheet of engraved timber.

Dhanngal by Lucy Simpson

Sandcast glass. Launched at Melbourne Design Fair in May 2023. Yuwaalaraay wirringgaa Lucy Simpson is Creative Director and Principal Designer/Maker behind Gaawaa Miyay, a First Nations design...

Sapphire Vases

Mold blown recycled glass This beautiful range of vases has been created by up-cycling empty Bombay Sapphire Gin bottles that would otherwise have been disposed into mixed recycling. Peter...