Flame Working

Flame working with Sarah Murphey

Flame working, also known as lampworking or torchworking, is a versatile process that can be used to create a wide array of artistic and functional objects with a high degree of control and precision, allowing for detailed and intricate designs. Whether it’s producing intricate glass sculptures, beads and jewellery, or scientific glassware, the flame working studio at Canberra Glassworks is well-equipped with a wide range of specialised equipment including high-quality torches, kilns, and annealing ovens to manipulate molten glass with precision and finesse.

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Canberra Glassworks has with the following Flame Working equipment available in the Engine Room:

4 x Carlisle CC burners

2 x single Midrange burners

2 x Major burners with minors on top

1 x Midrange burner with minor on top

1 x Red Max torch with minor on top

8 x single minor burners

Paragon kilns (Internal dimensions: 61cm w x 58cm d x 38cm h)

3 x Woodrow bead kilns

Range of hand tools for all lampworking styles

A small variety of mandrils

Eight dedicated lampworking stations with overhead extraction

Close access to fusing kilns for annealing larger objects

In addition to the necessary equipment, Canberra Glassworks offers a well-ventilated workspace designed to ensure the safety and comfort of artists. The studio is equipped with extraction systems to remove any harmful fumes generated during the glass blowing process.

Experienced technicians are also available to provide induction and support to artists utilising the facilities.