Neon Bending

Rose-Mary Faulkner testing new neon works with mentor David Cooper

Neon bending refers to the process of shaping and bending glass tubes to create custom designs and forms for neon signs, artworks and lighting installations.

Used to create the iconic vibrant and eye-catching signs neon is known for, skilled artisans heat the glass tubes and carefully manipulate them using specialised tools and techniques to achieve desired shapes, letters, or symbols. It offers a unique and visually striking way to display messages, images, and decorative elements, adding a distinct and retro aesthetic to both interior and exterior spaces.

We have the ability to both kiln pump and bombard glass from standard neon tubes, or components made in the adjacent Hotshop.

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Canberra Glassworks has the following Neon equipment available in the Neon Studio:

3 x Ribbon burner torch

Cross fire torch

3 x styles of tip-off and handheld burners

Kiln and vacuum pump


Argon and neon gasses


2 x Ageing transformers


In addition to the necessary equipment, Canberra Glassworks offers a well-ventilated workspace designed to ensure the safety and comfort of artists. The studio is equipped with extraction systems to remove any harmful fumes generated during the process.

Experienced technicians are also available to provide induction and support to artists utilising the facilities.