Hiring Enquires

Mel Douglas cold working in the Cold Shop

The facilities and equipment at Canberra Glassworks are available for hire to skilled, professional glassmakers with appropriate prior training and covered by the appropriate insurance.

Canberra Glassworks studios and spaces offer exciting opportunities to develop and make art in a community of glassmakers that includes artists-in-residence from around Australia, visiting curators and international visitors. The studios and spaces within the building offer convenient access to all our facilities. Each studio and space may be shared or rented by individuals.

To enquire about hiring our facilities,
please contact our Artistic Programs Coordinator.

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Canberra Glassworks has with the following Space and Storage available:

Studios & Spaces
x3 Ground level studios
includes one table and one sheld with the ability to lock and heat

x3 Project Space studios
includes a small desk and shelf

x4 Engine Room studios
includes a small desk and shelf


Available for temporary hire in the Engine Room and Project Space


x12 Hotshop shelves for a period of up to 12 months

x8 Mould Room shelves for a period of up to 12 months


several lockers for a period of 12 months

Sheet glass storage

x9 spaces for a period of 12 months

How to hire the facilities

Interested in becoming a glass maker and/or hire our facilities?

Prior to any use of the Canberra Glassworks facilities and equipment artists will need to:

  • provide a certificate of insurance (including public liability to $20 million)
  • sign a Canberra Glassworks’ User’s Agreement
  • agree to the Canberra Glassworks’ Workshop Regulations and Code of Conduct
  • be inducted into each area and each piece of equipment being hired

Anyone hiring facilities at Canberra Glassworks are legally required to be fully inducted to each area of intended use. A General Building Induction refresher is required every 12 months.

For full induction to take place the Glassworks must ensure the hirer is competent and safe whilst hiring at CGW and must assess each hirer’s experience in working with glass and of working within a shared facility. This assessment then allows the Glassworks to determine what extra experience, if any is required before full induction for independent hiring.

If you are a trained professional glass maker interested in hiring our facilities, to enquire about hiring our facilities please contact our Artistic Programs Coordinator to organise a full induction.

In addition to the necessary equipment, Canberra Glassworks offers a well-ventilated workspace designed to ensure the safety and comfort of artists. The studio is equipped with extraction systems to remove any harmful fumes generated during the glass blowing process.

Experienced technicians are also available to provide induction and support to artists utilising the facilities.