Awards & Trophies

Australian Fairytale Sociey annual award commission by Spike Deane, 2023

Canberra Glassworks creates original and memorable awards and trophies that give your award winners and unique and lasting reminder of their success. Using a choice of techniques including blown, hot cast, kiln formed or cast our trophies can be made to your design and individually engraved.

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National Arts and Disability Awards and Creative Australia Awards


Commissioned by Creative Australia

Creative Australia commissioned the creation of ten unique glass trophies for the National Arts and Disability Awards and the Creative Australia Awards. The trophies are intended to embody creativity and artistic excellence, reflecting the values of Creative Australia. The design approach was to use interlocking hemispheres of coloured glass that match the design and shapes of the Creative Australia logo. Each piece is ground and polished to stand freely and invisibly glued together. The hand-blown and sculpted trophies are finished with polishing for enhanced colour vibrancy and shine, then each piece is engraved with the recipient’s details.

National Wine Show of Australia Awards


Commissioned by Royal National Capital Agricultural Society

Since 2017, Canberra Glassworks have delivered the awards for the National Wine Show. Each year winners of Red, White, Sparkling and Fortified wines across 22 categories are awarded with a hand-blown bespoke glass platter. The platters are engraved and are proudly displayed in the recipients’ cellar door.

Australian Cool Climate Wineshow Awards


Commissioned by Australia Cool Climate Wine Show

After a brief hiatus due to Covid 19, the Australian Cool Climate Wine Show returned and commissioned Canberra Glassworks to make the highly sought after awards this year. Working with artist Ben Edols, we created a stunning hand-blown Venetian-style platter in two different colourways. The centre of each platter features a white Zanfirico cane detail which is meticulously crafted in our Hotshop in Canberra.