Lucy Simpson: Baayangalibiyaay

Showing 8 May to 21 July 2023

Baayangalibiyaay (with having the natural balance / order of all things in the living world); an exploration of people, place + notions of ‘wellbeing’.

An exhibition of new works that explores the story of materiality and memory which looks to the glassmaking process to record, absorb, reflect and transform its body as a means by which to translate great periods of upheaval and environmental crisis across river landscapes.

Curated by Aimee Frodsham


From Freshwater mussel shells 60-80 years old, to plant material, found objects, and stones + tools of trade and exchange; this is a show created to explore memory, kinship and Country and the fundamental roles we play to maintain balance and ensure continuity. Using sand casting, flame working, cold working and hand finishing, this exhibition features old, new, and continuing stories developed and created with master glass artists at Canberra Glassworks. An exhibition which presents one of the first ever bodies of work using experimental techniques and recycled television glass to translate notions of value, waste and moments of trauma through a tactile conversation inherently connected with Country, Lore and material culture.

By infusing and imprinting materials and narratives collected at times of extreme weather events, each individual form (shell / stone / leaf) translates moments of crisis and urgency. With glass ranging from translucent to opaque, black to white, pure to gritty, ground to polished, this subtle yet striking series of objects represent states and notions of welness and comments on country and the body interchangeably as vessels which record hold and respond.