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Carman Skeehan flame working detail. Photo by Pew Pew Studio.

Canberra Glassworks through its 2024 Public Programs has increased the number of your favourite classes and has developed some new ones to give everyone the opportunity to be creative in the field of studio glass. From less than an hour to a six-week term class, there is something for everyone.

You can learn to make your creations in glass using a range of techniques in our state-of-the-art workshops and will be taught by artists expert in their field. Choose your own adventure – blowing in the Hotshop, fusing in the kiln, sculpting with flame, casting from moulds or bending with neon. We welcome the complete novice through to those with experience that want to grow their skills.

We offer extensive school holiday program (except during summer) and welcome school groups and tours throughout the year.

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Can’t find the perfect date for your favourite class? Book a class on demand from the following options on a date that suits you.

Glass & Wood
Glass Blowing | 6 hrs | class max 6 | 16yrs+| $2800 group
Create a matching spoon and bowl set in this wood carving & glass blowing class.

Carve on Glass
Cold Working | 6 hrs | class max 6 | 16yrs+| $2400 group
Engrave, polish, and sandblast your own designs onto glass. Perfect for those interested in design, drawing, or calligraphy.

Bead Making
Flame Working | 3 hrs | class max 7 | 16yrs+ | $2000 group
Thread molten glass over a hot torch to make your own flame worked beads.

Tiling | 2 days | class max 6 | 16yrs+| $3600 group
Cut, shape and design in the ancient art of mosaic.


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please contact our Public Programs Manager

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