Blowing & Hot Casting

Rob Schwartz working in the hotshop at the Canberra Glassworks. Photo by Pew Pew Studio for ArtsACT

Canberra Glassworks is equipped with state-of-the-art glass blowing and hot casting equipment in our comprehensive Hotshop.

Glass blowing and hot casting are dynamic processes that require skill, precision, and an understanding of the unique properties of molten glass. These techniques have been used for centuries to create beautiful and functional sculpture & artworks, drinkware and tableware, vessels, architectural elements, awards & trophies, and lighting fixtures.

To enquire about hiring our facilities,
please contact our Artistic Programs Coordinator.

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Canberra Glassworks has the following Glass Blowing & Hot Casting equipment available in the Hotshop.


1 x Tank Furnace of 350kg clear glass
The tank is filled weekly with melted batch mixed by Avero Australia for the use of hirers.

1 x Freestanding colour Pot Furnace of 100kg glass
Available for artists to melt their own colour tints for casting and blowing projects.

4 x Reheating Chambers with rolling yolks:

  • Small x 2 (interior opening 40cm x 82cm d)
  • Medium (interior opening 46cm x 102cm d)
  • Large (interior opening 60cm x 130cm d)

Pick up boxes

2 x Woodrows (movable): 40cm d x 50cm x 50cm

1 x small pick up box with colour racks: 28cm deep x 28cm wide x 15cm high


Available with 4 slot and 2 slot shelf options:

  • #1 and #3 (Interior dimensions: 70cm d x 40cm h x 130cm w)
  • #2 and 4 (Interior dimensions: 70cm d x 60cm h x 130cm w)
  • #5 (Interior dimensions: 60cm d x 70cm h x 120cm w)
  • #10, #11, #27 (Interior dimensions: 133cm w x 71cm d x 85cm h)



3 x exact hand torches with natural gas

2 x exact hand torches with LPG

1 x small premix oxy/gas crack off torch

1 x Midrange Nozzle mix oxy/gas sculpting

3 x Mapp gas torches

1 x hot popping torch



8cm – 30cm Round Italian style blocks

#6 – #20 block head blocks



Paddles (large and small)

Pipes and punties of various sizes

2 x Pastoralli forks plus various ferros

Pastoralli plus large-scale trolley attachment

Large range of blowing hand tools

Various optic moulds

4 x marvers

5 x benches


Compressed air and hoses

Powder booth

Colour chopper and Murrini chopper

2 x Pipe warmers




Olivine sand mixed with bentonite

Wide selection of sand boxes

2 x small ladles (11cm)

2 x medium ladles (15cm)

2 x large ladles (20cm)

2 x extra-deep ladles (20cm)

Sand casting paddles/boards


2 x shears and tweezers

Acetylene torch



In addition to the necessary equipment, Canberra Glassworks offers a well-ventilated workspace designed to ensure the safety and comfort of artists. The studio is equipped with extraction systems to remove any harmful fumes generated during the glass blowing process.

Experienced technicians are also available to provide induction and support to artists utilising the facilities.