A solo show by Nicholas Burridge

13 January to 25 February 2024


Opening event 20 January 2024 at 4pm

Artist talk 24 February 2024 at 2pm

Built Geologies is inspired by the concept of terraforming, a concept which literally translates to “Earth-shaping”, a process that aims to modify the atmosphere, temperature, surface topography, or ecology of a planet, moon, or other celestial body to make it suitable for life. Burridge has developed a conceptual framework around geology, time, and industrialisation, which offers a unique perspective on the relationship between craftsmanship and raw materials. He explores these ideas by working with rudimentary materials in combination with industrial techniques, to transform material in unexcepted ways.

In 2023, Burridge undertook a residency at Canberra Glassworks to develop and explore naturally formed glass, where heat and pressure are applied to basalt, to form obsidian. These intriguing rock-glass hybrids exist only through human intervention, shedding light on our industrial capabilities and our indifference to the natural environment. They also serve as a poignant reminder of the immense geological forces that have shaped our planet over millennia.

Curated by Aimee Frodsham