King O’Malley Bombay Sapphire Commission

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In collaboration with Canberra landmark, King O’Malleys pub, Canberra Glassworks fabricated a one-of-a-kind chandelier and vase series from Bombay Sapphire’s iconic blue gin bottle.

The new chandelier was mould blown in the Glassworks Hotshop and shows off the original gin embossing.

Peter Barclay, owner of King O’Malley’s pub in central Canberra approached Canberra Glassworks to see if they could be repurposed keeping their beautiful blue colour. Working with designer and Glassblower, Katie-Anne Houghton, Production and Commissions Manager, Jacqueline Knight experimented with a number of ways to create a new product while retaining the blue colour. The final result wincludes the bespoke chandelier of former bottles installed as a feature in King O’Malleys as well as a range of Sapphire Vases available in the Canberra Glassworks Gallery Shop.

Commissioned by and installed at: King O’Malleys

Materials: Mould blown recycled glass

Designed and fabricated by: Katie-Ann Houghton

Project completed: 2024

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