Sapphire Vase


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Canberra landmark, King O'Malleys, has teamed up with Canberra Glassworks to reinvent Bombay Sapphire's iconic blue gin bottle: The Sapphire Vase.

This uniquely Canberran vase is a one-of-a-kind result of this upcycled project that has been mould blown in the Glassworks Hotshop and shows off the original gin embossing. The Sapphire Vase is designed by glass artist, Katie-Ann Houghton, and is available only at Canberra Glassworks and King O'Malley.

Katie-Ann Houghton is a mid-career glass artist and designer based in Canberra who specialises in glass blowing. Katie-Ann’s work challenges the culture of mass consumption by creating pieces with innovative design and handmade quality. Her design philosophy is based around the idea that the objects that we engage with every day should engage our senses and bring us joy through use. Designed to be both functional and practical, her production range which includes the Canberra Glassworks Conversion series and Sapphire Vases aims to change the conventional expectations of tableware and have us view each piece as both a piece of contemporary design and an object of use. 


MATERIALS: Blown recycled glass handmade in Australia.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: hand wash only in warm soapy water. 

Due to the handmade nature of this product, dimensions may vary slightly on each piece which is what makes them uniquely yours.