Inductions are required to use the facility to work for yourself, Canberra Glassworks, or another hirer. A General Building Induction is required to work and be in the facility. This induction requires an update every 12 months. It is the responsibility of the hirer to maintain knowledge of the building’s safety features and emergency procedures by attending a General Building Induction Update each year.

To work in a workshop or use a piece of equipment in the building you must first be inducted into the workshop and each machine you wish to use. To be inducted into a workshop you must have experience in terms of education or work history in that workshop, and similarly on any equipment relevant to your area.

Inductions are available free of charge at the following times:

  • Tuesday 12.30pm for a refresher induction
  • Thursday 10am for a full induction

Each General Building Induction and General Building Induction Update requires the hirer to read the Canberra Glassworks Workshop Regulation and the Canberra Glassworks Code of Conduct and read and sign the Canberra Glassworks User Agreement.

To organise an induction,
please contact our Artistic Programs Coordinator.


Temporary Inductions

Temporary inductions are available to stakeholders involved in a hirers making process, such as designers and photographers contracted by hirers. Designers and photographers may be present on the Hotshop floor and in workshops once they have submitted a copy of their insurance to Canberra Glassworks (min $20mil), signed a Temporary Induction Waiver, and undertaken a short safety induction by a member of Glassworks staff. In these circumstances the visitor becomes the responsibility of the contracted or contracting hirer.

To organise an induction,
please contact our Artistic Programs Coordinator.



For induction to any part of Canberra Glassworks facilities the hirer must obtain and maintain their own relevant insurances (including $20 million public liability, and personal liability workers compensation where necessary). Canberra Glassworks insurance does not cover artwork or personal possessions which the user may have in their studio or on the premises.