Past residencies


2021 Residencies
Flux Mentorship ProgramAnnette BlairNSW1st December 2020 - 30th November 2021
Thomas Foundation Artist in Residence (TFAiR)Madisyn ZabelACT4th - 31st January 2021
Art Group Creative FellowMel DouglasACT1st February - 19th December 2021
Thomas Foundation Mentorship (TFMEN)Karena KeysACT2021
Artist in Residence (AiR)Patricia PiccininiVIC1st March - 5th April 2021
Ngaio Fitzpatrick ACT17th May - 20th June 2021
Jacqueline BradleyACTFirst part: 19th July - 1st August

Second part: 18th November 2021 - 3 February 2022
Consuelo CavanigliaNSW17th January - 6th February 2022
Liam FlemingSA1st February - 1st march 2022
Writer in Resident (WiR)Clare MillarVIC9th February - 8th March 2022
Noah HartSAApril 2022
Robyn CampbellACTMay 2022
Graduate in Residence (GiR)Shirley WuSATBC


2020 Residencies
Art Group Creative FellowBrenden Scott FrenchSA1 July - 18 December
Artist in Residence (AiR)Tom MooreSA22 January - 28 February
Peter NilssonACT2 March -19 April,
10 - 23 August
Megan CopeNSW1 October - 2 November
Lucy SimpsonNSW1 - 5 December
Thomas Foundation Artist in Residence (TFAiR)Jessica MurtaghSA2 November - 6 December
Rob SchwartzNSW5 November - 13 December
Klaus Moje ResidencyKirstie ReaNSW23 July -9 September
Emerging Artist Support Scheme (EASS)Bethany LickACT1 - 28 September
Graduate in Residence (GiR)Bermi Dryer ANU6 October - 1 November
Mark PenneyUniSA6 October - 1 November


2019 Residencies
Art Group Creative FellowLisa CahillACT18 September 2018 - 17 September 2019
International Artist in Residence (IAiR)Giles RyderTHA8 May - 25 May
Artist in Residence (AiR)Lewis BatchelorSA2 April - 28 April
Madeline ProwdSA2 April - 28 April
Brendan Van HekNSW1 October - 31 October
Tony AlbertQLD/NSW12 November - December
Penny ByrneVIC27 November - 3 December
Thomas Foundation Artist in Residence (TFAiR)Marcel Hoogstad HayACT26 February - 31 March
Lucy PalmerACT2 July - 11 August
Hannah GasonACT2 September - 29 September
Hindmarsh Prize 2018 ResidencyKate BakerNSW8 July - 21 July & 1 October - 12 October
Emerging Artist Support Scheme (EASS)Louis GrantACT4 November - December
Graduate in Residence (GiR)Tanya McArthurANU10 June - 5 July
Sorcha YellandUniSA10 June - 5 July


2018 Residencies
International Artist in Residence (IAiR)Matteo SegusoItaly10 April to 18 April
Artist in Residence (AiR)Clare BelfrageSA16 April to 7 May
Netty BlairACT30 January to 12 March
Brendan Scott FrenchSA22 January to 19 February and 12 March to 2 April
Graduate in Residence (GiR)Dan VenablesANU13 March to 9 April
Naomi HunterUniSA13 March to 9 April
Louise SmartSCA13 March to 9 April
Thomas Foundation Artist in Residence (TFAiR)Amanda DziedzicVIC26 February to 12 Mar ch
Hannah GasonACTTBC
EASSNyx MatthewsACT2 May to 12 June
Asialink Reciprocal ResidencyHarriet SchwarzrockToyama Glass Studio, Japan4 April to 16 May
TBCCanberra Glassworks13 June to 25 July
Art Group Creative FellowshipSteven CiezkiUSA14 January to July 18
Lisa CahillACT1 July, 2018 to 30 June, 2019
Arts ACT ResidencyGW BottACTTBC
Honouring Cultures Artist in ResidenceKaren Rogers and Norman Wilfred from Roper River, NTNT16 October to 12 November 2018
Hindmarsh Prize 2018 ResidencyTBCTBCSeptember to December (TBC)


2017 Residencies
International Artist in Residence (IAiR)Wilhelm VernimGermany10 Jan to 23 Jan
Artist in Residence (AiR)Scott ChaselingNSW3 Jan to 22 Jan, 6 Jan to 20 Feb
Andrew BaldwinSA7 Feb to 20 Mar
Holly GraceVIC20 Mar to 30 Apr
Brenda PageSA6 Nov to 3 Dec
Graduate in Residence (GiR) Ursula HalpinSA (UniSA)14 Mar to 10 Apr
Courtney WarrenNSW (SCA)14 Mar to 10 Apr
Cathy NewtonACT (ANU)14 Mar To 10 Apr
Thomas Foundation Artist in Residence (TFAiR)Jonathan Baskett ACT1 May to 28 May
Elaine Miles VIC30 Sep to 28 Oct
Madisyn ZabelQLD1 Nov to 28 Nov
Marina HanserAustria/ACTTBC
Emerging Artist Support SchemeRose-Mary FaulknerACT2 May to 12 Jun
Asialink Reciprocal ResidencySui JacksonToyama Glass Studio, Japan5 May to 17 May
Ayano YoshizumiCanberra Glassworks13 Jun to 25 Jul
Glass and Science ResidencyTBCTBCJul to Aug
Ausglass Artist in ResidenceZoe WoodsSA4 Jul to 14 Aug
Honouring Cultures Artist in ResidenceDr Treahna Hamm25 Sep to 7 Oct and 6 to 20 Dec
ACT Arts ResidencyBrenda L CroftNSW4 Sep To 29 Sep
Hindmarsh Prize ResidencyScott ChaselingNSW19 Sep to 16 Oct


2016 Residencies
Ausglass Artist in ResidenceSimon MaberleyNSW16 December 2015 to 9 February 2016
Artists in ResidenceHarriet SchwarzrockNSW23 February to 4 April
Maureen WilliamsVic3 May to 14 June
Ben EdolsNSW6 September to 18 October
Emerging Artist Support Scheme Hannah Gason ACT29 March to 10 May
Graduates in ResidenceCassandra LayneACT17 May to 13 June
Neon Artists in ResidenceRichard WheaterUK5 to 21 March
Brendan Van HekNSW5 to 21 March
Thomas Foundation Artists in ResidenceLee MathersNSW28 June to 2 August
Jo Bone and Aaron MicallefQLD18 October to 1 November and 29 November to 13 December
Amy SchliefNSW29 November to 14 December
Asialink Reciprocal ResidencyJohn White (to Japan)ACT8 April to 22 May
Mitsui TakeyoshiJPN13 June to 25 July
Glass and Science ResidencySui JacksonACT2 August to 28 August


2015 Residencies
Artists in ResidenceMel GeorgeNSW22 December 2014 – 1 February 2015
Annette BlairNSW1 – 28 June
Mark ThieleSA7 September – 18 October
Gabriella BisettoSA18 November – 4 December
Thomas Foundation Artists in ResidenceChristine AtkinsACT25 February – 7 April
Ngaio FitzpatrickACT13 April – 10 May
Lucy QuinnQLD4 May – 14 June
Ede HortonVIC5 October – 17 November
Graduates in ResidenceMarina HanserACT (ANU)16 March – 12 April
Danielle RickabySA (UniSA)16 March – 12 April
International Artists in ResidencePreston SingletaryUSA5 – 13 February
Mandy Sunlight and Ruth Port NZ24 February – 9 March
Diplomacy Exhibition Artists in ResidenceHannah GasonACT8 – 22 January
Andrew BaldwinSA16 – 28 January
GLINT (with Megalo Print Studio)Spike DeaneACT4 August – 14 September
Debra Jurss ACT4 August – 14 September
George AgiusSA4 August – 14 September
Luke ChiswellACT4 August – 14 September
Julie RyderACT4 August – 14 September
Nicci HaynesACT4 August – 14 September


2014 Residencies
Graduate in ResidenceJohn WhiteACT (ANU)3 to 28 February
Erica IzardNSW (SCA)3 to 28 February
Chris Boha SA (UniSA)3 to 28 February
Thomas YeendSA (UniSA)3 to 28 February
Emerging Artists Support Scheme ResidentSara HellsingACT (ANU)1 September to 12 October
Thomas Foundation Artist in ResidenceDebra JurssACT17 February to 31 March
Sophia EmmettNSW17 March to 14 April
Ede HortonVIC5 May to 10 June
Holly GraceVIC2 to 30 September
Laurel KohutVIC20 to 31 October
Artist in ResidenceKirstie Rea NSW6 to 28 January
Jessica Loughlin SA4 to 25 July
Matthew CurtisNSW28 July to 8 September


2013 Residencies
Graduate in ResidenceLucy Palmer SA (UniSA)4 February to 1 March
Spike DeaneNSW (SCA)4 February to 1 March
Alex FrasersmithACT (ANU)4 February to 1 March
Pamela Manning Vic (Monash)4 February to 1 March
Emerging Artists Support SchemeEmilie Patteson ACT (ANU)1 July to 12 August
Thomas Foundation Artist in ResidenceTake T YusukeNSW7 to 31 January
Julia Reimer SA18 March to 14 April
Kumiko Nakajim SA22 April to 19 May
Mariella McKinleyVIC22 April to 19 May
Nikki MainACT20 May to 30 June
Andrew BaldwinSA20 May to 30 June
Jenni Kemarre Martiniello ACT1 July to 30 August
Zoe Woods SA14 October to 22 November
Mandi King SA2 to 22 December
Artist in ResidenceLisa Cahill ACT25 February to 8 April
Nick Mount SA5 to 26 August
Hilary Crawford NSW18 September to 30 October


2012 Residencies
Ausglass Artist in ResidenceLisa Cahill ACT12 December to 30 January
Graduate in ResidenceChristine Atkins ACT (ANU)1 February to 29 February
Nadine BettsNSW (SCA)1 February to 29 February
Hayley CarpenterSA (UniSA)1 February to 29 February
Emerging Artists Support Scheme Annabelle DavidsonACT (ANU)2 July to 12 August
Thomas Foundation Artist in ResidenceAnnette BlairNSW18 January to 14 March
Trish RoanACT2 March to 6 April
Holly GraceVIC2 April to 7 May
Madeline ProwdSA16 April to 27 May
Erin ConronACT2 July to 12 August
David HobdayVIC13 August to 2 September
Belinda TollACT3 October to 31 October
Melinda WillisACT1 October to 30 November
Artist in ResidenceMatt Szösz US10 May to 9 June
Stephen Skillitzi SA1 October to 11 November
Christine CholewaSA1 November to 21 December


2011 Residencies
Graduate in ResidenceDan BowranVic (Monash)1 February to 1 March
Zoe Woods SA (UniSA) 1 February to 1 March
Ilana Thorpe NSW (SCA) 1 February to 1 March
Andy Gleeson ACT (ANU)1 February to 1 March
Emerging Artists Support SchemeMelinda WillisACT (ANU)17 October to 12 December
Thomas Foundation Artist in ResidenceMiki KuboNSW2 March to 15 March
Jenni MartinielloACT5 March to 30 April
Marc KalifaQLD16 March to 12 April
Brian CorrACT18 April to 12 June
Alexandra Chambers ACT16 May to 29 May
Pamela StadusVIC4 July to 7 August
Masahiro AsakaACT25 July to 18 September
Jaan PoldassSA22 August to 2 October
Simone TopsQLD31 October to 18 November
Susie PeckNSW1 December to 20 December
Artist in ResidenceJeremy LepistoNSW24 January to 21 February
Mark EliottNSW30 June to 24 July
Jock PuatijimiNT18 November to 1 December
BJ Cowie Singapore1 November to 11 December