Through the looking Glass

Our unique site is viewed through the lens of the historic Kingston Power House; a building of historic and cultural significance. Today re-purposed as an important public building the Glassworks is a leader in artistic creativity and innovation through glass making.

Key learning outcomes:

  • consider notions of continuity and change
  • examine a public building within the local community
  • understand cultural value and historic significance
  • discover different methods of glassmaking, artistic innovation and practice

This tour is particularly well aligned to history learning achievement outcomes addressed in lower primary (year 2) but is adaptive to all school ages. See ACARA Curriculum links

The history of a significant person, building, site and/or part of the natural environment in the local community and what it reveals about the past (ACHASSK044)

The importance today of a historical site of cultural or spiritual significance in the local area, and why it should be preserved (ACHASSK045)

Age: lower primary (year 2) but is adaptive to all school ages
Cost: $12.50 per person
Duration: 45 mins
When: Wednesday to Sunday
Group Size: Minimum 10, Maximum 50 (by arrangement)