Our Team


Elizabeth Rogers

Email: elizabeth.rogers@canberraglassworks.com
Office phone: 6185 0374
Hours: Monday to Friday

Responsible for the overall operational, financial, business development and human resource management as well as creative overview of Canberra Glassworks.

Artistic Director

Aimee Frodsham

Email: aimee.frodsham@canberraglassworks.com 
Office phone: 6185 0378
Hours: Monday to Friday

The Artistic Director is responsible for managing exhibitions, artist residency and access programs, commissioning and retail areas of the Canberra Glassworks. Together with the CEO, we deliver the creative program in this dynamic facility.

Aimee Frodsham began her career as an art handler after graduating from the Glass Department at the Canberra School of Art in 1999. After working on projects such as the installation of the National Museum of Australia and Anzac Hall, Aimee moved to London to work at the V&A and followed by Tate Gallery where she worked as Planning Manager across four of Tate’s gallery sites. Since returning to Australia in 2015, Aimee has renewed her passion for glass as Program Director at the Canberra Glassworks, before moving to Parliament House to take up the position of Program Manager for the Parliament House Art Collection. Aimee has curated and co-curated numerous exhibitions including  Hindmarsh Prize 2016 & 2018, Meeting Place – Michael Nelson Jagamara and Imants Tillers, Design in a Decade the 1980’s and Studies with Light, featuring Kirstie Rea and Lucy Palmer.


Technical Manager

Tom Rowney

Email: tom.rowney@canberraglassworks.com 
Phone: 0419 163 219
Hours: Monday to Thursday

Tom has been making, repairing and maintaining glass studio equipment both in Australia and overseas for over 20 years. He was the first tech employed at Canberra Glassworks and is still currently working to keep the equipment running for the many artists and visitors to the Facility.


Production & Commissions Manager

Jacqueline Knight

Email: production@canberraglassworks.com / jacqueline.knight@canberraglassworks.com
Office phone: 6185 0383
Hours: Monday to Friday

Jacqueline works in Production and Commissions at Canberra Glassworks. Providing her insight and understanding as a maker, Jacqueline carefully handles any enquiries for production, private and corporate commissions, corporate gifts, awards and trophies. Jacqueline liaises with clients, designers, craftspeople and makers to achieve high quality products & commissions.

Jacqueline Knight is an Australian glass artist; she is a glassblower, neonbender, kilnworker and coldworker.  In 2002 Jacqueline graduated from the Canberra School of Art, ANU and in 2005 Jacqueline graduated from the Jamfactory Contemporary Craft and Design Center in Adelaide.  In 2008, she received her MFA from Alfred University, NY USA.   Prior to coming to the Glassworks Jacqueline was Adjunct Professor at Massart (Massachusetts College of Art & Design) in Boston, MA and Visiting Lecturer at Salem State University, Salem MA. She has also taught at Pittsburgh Glass Center, TA’d at Pilchuck Glass School and the Corning Museum of Glass.


Public Programs Manager

Lilith Silva

Email: education@canberraglassworks.com / lilith.silva@canberraglassworks.com
Office phone: 6185 0382
Hours: Monday to Friday




Gallery Shop Manager

Nathasha Chabelnik

Email: ve-manager@canberraglassworks.com
Reception phone: 6260 7005
Hours: Tuesday to Friday


Assistant Gallery Shop Manager

Sienna Grosser

Email: ve-manager@canberraglassworks.com
Reception phone: 6260 7005
Hours: Saturday to Sunday

The Gallery Shop Manager and Assistant Manager work Wednesday-Sunday in conjunction to public hours. Gallery Shop manages our retail store which stocks, promotes and sells Australian made glass art and production. Also acting as reception, and your first point of call, for the rest of the building.



Administration Coordinator

Frances Baldwin

Email: frances.baldwin@canberraglassworks.com
Office phone: 6185 0380
Hours: Monday to Thursday



Artistic Programs Coordinator

Tegan Garnett

Email: artistic.programs@canberraglassworks.com / tegan.garnett@canberraglassworks.com
Office phone: 6185 0381
Hours: Tuesday to Friday

Works with the Artistic Director and Technical team in our residencies and exhibition programming as well as helping to facilitate artists in booking equipment and facility hire. They assist in the planning, maintenance and administration of the workshop areas including Hotshop, Coldshops, Mouldroom, Flameworking, Sandblasting and Neon areas.



Marketing Coordinator

Brooke McEachern

Email: marketing@canberraglassworks.com / brooke.mceachern@canberraglassworks.com
Office phone: 6185 0377
Hours: Monday to Friday

Please email the Marketing Coordinator for all media enquires.



Technical Coordinators 

Gillian Anderson

Email: Gillian.Anderson@canberraglassworks.com
Hours: varied


Griffyn McGarry-Purdie

Email: Griffyn.McGarry-Purdie@canberraglassworks.com
Hours: varied



Production Assistant

Dylan McCracken

Email: dylan.mccracken@canberraglassworks.com
Hours: Monday to Thursday


Glassworks Trainee

Hugo Curtis

Email: hugo.curtis@canberraglassworks.com
Hours: Monday to Friday