Explore the Canberra Glassworks current exhibition and its themes (as above) Design and create a collaborative art work, using kiln formed glass. Work together to achieve design solutions with a common theme.

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Work collaboratively to achieve common goals
  • Apply design thinking to achieve design solutions
  • Learn about different glass techniques and creative processes
  • See ACARA Curriculum links

Design and Technologies Year 7/8

Critique needs or opportunities for designing and investigate, analyse and select from a range of materials, components, tools, equipment and processes to develop design ideas (ACTDEP035)

Use project management processes when working individually and collaboratively to coordinate production of designed solutions (ACTDEP039)

Age: High school students in years 8 – 12
Tour: 45 mins , Collaboration 1 – 2 hrs
Cost: Dependent
When: Tuesday to Sunday