Kingston Power House

The Kingston Powerhouse was listed on the National Estate Register on 1 November 1983 as an historical building, and included on the ACT Heritage Places Register. It is a building of industrial and architectural significance that is a landmark on its lakeside setting. It was one of the first permanent buildings of Canberra and was of social importance in the early years of the city.

Numerous ideas emerged concerning the fate of the Powerhouse and its land after its permanent closure in 1957 ranging from demolition for housing to warehouse space. In the mid eighties the idea was explored to turn the space into an Australian Cultural Centre, though by 1995 no action had been taken. The establishment of the Canberra Glassworks in May 2007, located in this historic Powerhouse, is a landmark project for the ACT community that has local, national and international significance. The project builds on the success of glass artists from the Canberra Region, and is the only centre of its kind in Australia.

Canberra Glassworks offers free guided tours of the Kingston Power House every Saturday at 11 am. See below for tickets.

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Sat. 29 September to Sat. 20 October 2018

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