Crepe – Wall Panel


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Hannah Gason is a mid-career glass artist and Glassworks Studio Tenant specialising in kiln formed and cold worked glass. Hannah’s art practice is an exploration of the subtle changes and rhythms of the everyday, such as gradual shifts in light and repeating patterns. Using kiln forming processes, each work is made up of unique glass tiles that contain fluidity and variations of tonal intensity. The tiles are carefully arranged to form the larger plane, a flat surface that projects movement and depth. The result is a series of horizontal and vertical bands, that seemingly overlap, sliding back and forth over each other in a constant shuffle.  

Graduating with Honors and a University Medal from Australian National University’s School of Art, Hannah has travelled extensively as a resident and teaching assistant in Germany, US, and Scotland and has exhibited nationally and internationally, with work collected at Australian Parliament House, National Art Glass Collection and ANU. 

MATERIALS: Kiln formed glass handmade in Australia 

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Hand wash only in warm soapy water. 


Due to the handmade nature of this product, dimensions may vary slightly on each piece which is what makes them uniquely yours.  

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