Nick Burridge
Artist, Nick Burridge, polishing glass work in the Coldshop at Canberra Glassworks

Nick Burridge

Artist-In-Residence (VIC)

May – June 2023

Based in Naarm (Melbourne), Nick Burridge explores the complex relationship between industrialisation and nature. His practice, driven by material science and experimentation, uncovers hidden narratives and metaphors within various materials. Throughout his residency, Nick aims to refine and expand upon his unique processes involving volcanic rock, lava, and obsidian. By creating sculptures that merge the languages of volcanics and structural engineering, he draws parallels between the constructed geologies of the construction industry and the powerful forces of volcanoes, exemplifying world-building and the creation of new land.

This residency will offer Nick “the opportunity to be surrounded by and work with the extremely knowledgeable people at the Glassworks… I can be so much more ambitious and productive in this project considering the experimental nature of the work I’ve been doing.”

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