Yuwaalaraay artist, Lucy Simpson has worked alongside Canberra Glassworks on three major projects between 2020 and 2023. The first was the public artwork Galuma-li for Bloomberg, curated by Carriageworks and fabricated by Canberra Glassworks. During a week-long residency in early 2020, Simpson worked closely with glass artist Kirstie Rea, exploring different ideas and techniques. They created glass grinding stones using a sandcasting process, which became the basis for her next body of work for SITEWORKS at Bundanon Art Museum and Baayangalibiyaay exhibited at Canberra Glassworks and shown at Melbourne Design fair 2023.

Galuma-li, 2021
A site specific installation commissioned in partnership with Carriageworks and created in collaboration with Glassworks Canberra for the Bloomberg Sydney office. Galuma-li evolved from time spent on Yuwaalaraay country in north-western New South Wales and was inspired by Country, tradition and concepts of balance based in stories related to migratory birds.

Baayangalibiyaay at SITEWORKS, 2022
A new body of work acknowledging country, and created in collaboration with Canberra Glassworks for SITEWORKS 2022: From a Deep Valley at Bundanon consisting of a selection of 100 sand cast glass Dhanggal (large / old river mussels) translating different stages / states of wellness (people & place).

Baayangalibiyaay at Canberra Glassworks, 2023
An exhibition of new works that explores the story of materiality and memory which looks to the glassmaking process to record, absorb, reflect and transform its body as a means by which to translate great periods of upheaval and environmental crisis across river landscapes.