Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello
Portrait of Jenni Kemarre Martiniello with glass artwork

Jennifer Kemarre Martiniello is an established glass artist and Glassworks Studio Tenant with an extensive practice across several glass studios. Originally from Adelaide, Jenni is of Aboriginal (Southern Arrernte), Chinese, Anglo-Celtic descent.

Her work can be read as a visual vocabulary in which she discusses the enduring and spiritual dimensions of a natural world which people pass unseeing, and which has sustained the physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing of Australian First Nations peoples since time immemorial. Her choices of colour palette, form and texture reflect traditional First Nations environments and objects and evoke heritage, culture, and Law as well as Country.

Jenni holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Visual Arts and Philosophy (Honours) from the Australian National University and her work is held in major public and private collections in Australia, the Pacific, South East Asia, the Middle East, UK and USA.