Janet Fieldhouse (QLD)

As a Torres Strait Islander woman, acknowledging the traditions of navigation, living off the sea and the land, and women’s traditional practices such as weaving body adornments for ceremony. The work that represents Janet looking at the way confluence of cultures is a merging of similar techniques and a narrative of storytelling, and the beauty of landscapes reflects through the pieces, allowing you to see confluence of cultures.

Janet has used the colours clay bodies to imbued ideas from her individual journey’s, interaction of family and storytelling about her culture and the contacts with the First nation peoples. Each of these pieces is made from the colours of the clay bodies and the use of natural products, such as feathers and twine string to finish the artworks.
Janet would like the viewers to explore the Torres Strait Islander culture through her art and recognise the significance of Torres Strait Islander art. She demonstrates all this through individual art pieces that tell a different story about her Confluence of culture.