Colourful sheet glass installation in the centre of Canberra Centre mall
This weekend, Canberra Centre will unveil an original artwork inspired by Floriade and in partnership with Canberra Glassworks.

Hannah Gason’s Twelve Hours of Daylight is a celebration of color and flowers transformed into an extraordinary masterpiece that will mesmerise visitors through it’s interplay of glass and light. Visitors can experience Twelve Hours of Daylight on the Glass Floor of Level 1 starting from September 15th. The artwork’s appearance will dynamically change depending on the time of day and the available light, offering a unique viewing experience.

As part of their partnership with Floriade, Canberra Centre will offer a creative program of kids activities within the Centre, which will run concurrently with Canberra Glassworks’ Spring School Holiday Program. Additionally, there’s an exciting competition for visitors to guess the number of intricate strands of grass within the installation, with the chance to win a $500 Canberra Centre Voucher.

Twelve Hours of Daylight

by Hannah Gason

on display at Canberra Centre

16 September to 15 October 2023

The artist: Hannah Gason

Canberra-based artist, Hannah Gason, draws her inspiration from the natural contours of landscapes. She employs a combination of transparent and opaque glass panels to convey the gradual aging and softening of geological strata over time. During the fusion process, layers, lines, and edges blend together to encapsulate the essence of nature’s ongoing transformation.


This Canberra Centre display is a partnership with Floriade and commissioned through Canberra Glassworks.