AUG – OCT Exhibition

Cobi Cockburn

1 August to 22 September 2024


Opening event 5pm 31 July 2024
Artist talk to be announced

Cobi Cockburn is a celebrated contemporary artist, who uses glass, light, and line as her medium. She creates large wall panels and installations that use delicate lines and shifting tonal linework which connect and respond to the gallery’s architecture. Each piece is a unique combination of concise minimalism and precise geometry, with intricate complexity and thoughtful transitions, which encourages prolonged contemplative viewing. The subtle use of laying of transparent glass to create different hues within each piece holds the viewers gaze like a gentle hum. In her recent works, Cockburn has begun using neon to further her exploration of line and light. Focusing on the warm glow and rich line quality rather than the intensity we have come to expect from neon. This is an exploration into the beauty of energy and the intertwined relationships of art, memory and spirituality.

Curated by Aimee Frodsham