Emily Parsons-Lord

Emily Parsons-Lord

Artist-In-Residence (NSW/VIC)

March – June 2023

Previously based in Warrane (Sydney), Emily Parsons-Lord is an emerging visual and performance artist based in Naarm (Melbourne). Their practice is concerned with air and explosions, materials of the climate crisis that speak to both the invisibility and the spectacle of collapse.

“Air is simultaneously local and global, encompassing the effects of breathing as well as the governance of polluters and policy makers. Glass and the process of making glass has an affinity with my practice with air and explosions. Glass can form at the impact site of meteorites, bombs, or volcanoes, recording moments of explosive states of transition, extreme intensity. The application of heat can reconfigure simple elements, such as silicon, into intricate and delicate objects that record the process of their making.”

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Artist, Emily Parsons-Lord, standing in the coldshhop at Canberra Glassworks