Home to a diverse range and scale of glassworking equipment, the Glassworks has a highly skilled and dedicated staff and is closely connected with a network of master artists locally, nationally and across the globe.

  • Submit an online enquiry using the form below.
  • Enquire in person at Reception between 10am and 4pm, Wednesday to Friday.
  • Contact the Production Supervisor on (02) 6185 0383 between 9am and 5pm, Mondays and Tuesdays.

Basic repair
Eg. chipped wine glass
Glue, cut or grind
Approx. $60 inc. GST

Medium complexity 
Multiple components, grind & polish
Approx. $150 inc. GST

Complicated repair 
Blown or kilnformed parts, coldworking & engraving
Approx. $300 & up

After receiving the quote request, our team will seek to engage an artist to assess the job and prepare a quote. CGW will then email or post you a written quote. Please note, this process can take between two to six weeks.

Timeframes for completion of work

Canberra Glassworks will endeavour to meet your requirements but the complexity of the work and the availability of artists will determine the schedule and deadline for any commissions.

Please read the Terms and Conditions.