Requiem for a Reef

Webinar Performance recording from Thursday 11:30am 13th August 2020

This event was organised and presented by Canberra Glassworks as part of National Science Week 2020.

Canberra Glassworks would like to thank everyone involved with the development of this project and credit the creative work to artist Ngaio Fitzpatrick, composer Alexander Hunter and the experimental musicians whom performed the instrumentals for the performance. we would also like to extend our gratitude to our guest panel speakers Dr Jennie Mallela from the ANU College of Science Research School of Biology and Professor Mark Howden, from the ANU Climate Change Institute. Thank you to everyone who registered and tuned into the webinar on the day. It is through your engagement and support Canberra Glassworks are able to make these projects possible.

Ngaio Fitzpatrick, artist and ANU Climate Change Institute Fellow. Instagram: @ngaiofitz

Alexander Hunter, composer. Instagram: @huntercomposer

Dr Jennie Mallela, Marine Expert ANU College of Science Research School of Biology. Twitter: @JennieMallela

Professor Mark Howden, Director of the ANU Climate Change Institute. Twitter: @ProfMarkHowden