Bronte Cormican-Jones
Artist, Bronte Cormican-Jones, removing glass sheet from kiln

Bronte Cormican-Jones

Graduate-In-Residence (NSW)

September 2023

Bronte Cormican-Jones is an emerging contemporary artist and writer working on Garrigal and Darramurragal land, Sydney, Australia. In 2022, Cormican-Jones graduated with first-class Honours from Sydney College of the Arts, where she studied Sculpture and Glass. Her current body of work explores relationships between architecture and the body through the ways that we interact with our reflections in glass and mirrors.

“I’m grateful for the opportunity to be working with Kirstie Rea, Harriet Schwarzrock and the Glassworks team to realise a new body of work; a series of large-scale kiln-formed glass pieces that will become shaped, parabolic mirrors and freestanding sculptures. I’m also excited to work in the neon space and build on the skills I gained during a summer course at Pilchuck Glass School earlier this year.”

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