Mould Making

Casting tools in the Mould Room

Mould making or casting is the process of creating a reusable template or form, typically from materials like silicone, plaster, or metal, to shape glass into specific shapes or designs.

The moulds are typically made of materials such as graphite, metal, or refractory plaster, depending on the complexity and requirements of the desired shape. It allows artists and craftsmen to consistently reproduce specific shapes, patterns, or objects in glass, enabling the creation of functional glassware, decorative pieces, and artistic sculptures with consistent and precise results.

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Canberra Glassworks has the following Casting equipment available in the Mould Room:

Separate extraction systems dedicated for wax, steam and dust

Waterproof digital platform scales
10g – 300kg, 50cm w x 60cm d

Professional variable speed twin gear mixer

Small drill with mixing attachment

Double boiler wax melting pots

2x Industrial steamers and dedicated steaming stations

Wheeled tables with stainless steel tops

Small range of cottles and clamps

Basic plasterers’ buckets

Banding wheels

Pressure cleaner

Hydraulic trolleys for moving materials, moulds, equipment and objects

Drying out/wax melting kiln
interior dimensions600mm h x 1200mm d x 600mm w

Mould drying racks

Plaster and silica can be purchased from the materials storeroom

In addition to the necessary equipment, Canberra Glassworks offers a well-ventilated workspace designed to ensure the safety and comfort of artists. The studio is equipped with extraction systems to remove any harmful fumes generated during the fabricating process.

Experienced technicians are also available to provide induction and support to artists utilising the facilities.