Alex Seton

Alex Seton

Artist-In-Residence (NSW)

August 2022

Alex Seton’s artistic practice incorporates sculpture, photography, video and installation to examine problematic ideas and concepts and give them form. Seton has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally, which will soon include his upcoming solo exhibition at The Lock-Up in Newcastle, NSW. In preparation for the exhibition, Alex will undergo a six-week residency at Canberra Glassworks to develop skills in glass techniques. The exhibition will explore the possibilities of combining glass and stone to consider the themes of memory and place and how they relate to Australia’s history of migration.

In combining glass and stone, Alex will seek to reflect on the experience of the prisoners once held in the lightless, windowless cells of The Lock-Up. Glass being a medium of light (hope/memory) and stone being a medium of permanence (place/history), the two mediums have an opportunity to intermingle with the confined architecture of a place that has its many stories written on its walls.

Alex Seton is represented by Sullivan+Strumpf, Sydney and Singapore.

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Artist Alex Seton cleaning glass chandelier elements