Alex Hirst
Artist, Alex Hirst, blowing glass in the Hotshop at Canberra Glassworks

Alex Hirst

Artist-In-Residence (VIC)

May – June 2023

Alexandra Hirst is a South Australian based artist, whose work spans glass blowing, glass casting and installation. Living and working at JamFactory on Kaurna Country (Adelaide), her works are heavily inspired by repetitive patterns and cycles of the natural world.

“I am interested in exploring how colour can affect and trigger an emotional response in the viewer. My focus during this residency will be on colour theory practices and how to apply them to glass by overlapping colours in stuff cups, Swedish overlays, and carving them back. I would also like to experiment with scale and composition creating a collection of forms that interact with light and one another.”

Alex’s 3D printed cast glass artwork was a finalist in the emerging artist category of the 2020 and 2022 Fuse Glass Prize.

This residency was supported by JamFactory.

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