2018 Residencies
International Artist in Residence (IAiR)Matteo SegusoItaly10 April to 18 April
Artist in Residence (AiR)Clare BelfrageSA16 April to 7 May
Netty BlairACT30 January to 12 March
Brendan Scott FrenchSA22 January to 19 February and 12 March to 2 April
Graduate in Residence (GiR)Dan VenablesANU13 March to 9 April
Naomi HunterUniSA13 March to 9 April
Louise SmartSCA13 March to 9 April
Thomas Foundation Artist in Residence (TFAiR)Amanda DziedzicVIC26 February to 12 Mar ch
Hannah GasonACTTBC
EASSNyx MatthewsACT2 May to 12 June
Asialink Reciprocal ResidencyHarriet SchwarzrockToyama Glass Studio, Japan4 April to 16 May
TBCCanberra Glassworks13 June to 25 July
Art Group Creative FellowshipSteven CiezkiUSA14 January to July 18
Lisa CahillACT1 July, 2018 to 30 June, 2019
Arts ACT ResidencyGW BottACTTBC
Honouring Cultures Artist in ResidenceKaren Rogers and Norman Wilfred from Roper River, NTNT16 October to 12 November 2018
Hindmarsh Prize 2018 ResidencyTBCTBCSeptember to December (TBC)