Steps to Induction

Anyone hiring facilities at Canberra Glassworks (CGW) are legally required to be fully inducted to each area of intended use. A refresher induction is required every 12 months.

For full induction to take place CGW must ensure the hirer is competent and safe whilst hiring at CGW and must assess each hirer’s experience in working with glass and of working within a shared facility. This assessment then allows CGW to determine what extra experience, if any is required before full induction for independent hiring.

Steps to Induction is a program is for those wishing to become hirers of the facility.

The induction process

  • Applicant submits the Expression of Interest form to Canberra Glassworks
  • Canberra Glassworks assesses skill level into Levels 1 to 4 and outlines further education options if required
  • Final assessment after completing further education required
  • Applicant becomes a fully inducted independent CGW hirer

Please note

Potential hirers may come to CGW with limited requirements for hiring and can be assessed and inducted for:

  • just one machine/piece of equipment (eg. NSK engravers or one particular kiln);
  • just one area (eg. cold shops or hot shop);
  • multiple areas (eg. cold shop and kilns); or
  • for access to full facility

Submit an EOI to begin the Steps to Induction process

Skill levels

Level 1

  • Has: done Creative Workshops (formerly known as CIT classes) or similar workshops with a basic introduction to glass making processes in stated area.
  • Requires: teaching under supervision at all times e.g. CIT classes, Masterclasses, Class on Demand
  • On completion: achieves basic introduction to materials, processes, tools and equipment – does not operate in any areas or on any equipment unsupervised

Level 2

  • Has: undertaken ongoing classes and or has limited own studio experience and has a basic level of understanding, skill and competence but still needs a wider and more skilled experience.
  • Requires: teaching at a higher level of understanding and skill towards independence e.g. Further Creative Workshops, Masterclasses, Class on Demand
  • On completion: Achieves an good understanding of materials, processes, tools and equipment – does not operate in any areas or on any equipment unsupervised

Level 3

  • Has: a high level of skill, understanding and experience of glass making processes through classes, studio experience, and or tertiary training to be able to work independently under the supervision of a mentor.
  • Requires: Independent use of studio facilities under supervision of mentor
  • On completion: Achieves a thorough understanding and use of materials, processes, tools and equipment and can work with no supervision

Level 4

Fully inducted hirer, works independently as a hirer at CGW (with annual refresher induction).

Supervised experiences

Creative Workshops

Education experiences differ widely with these workshops e.g. a weekend glass blowing class versus a five hour, Create a Plate class. They are an initial step in education and experience.


These are usually week long and offer an intensive educational experience in one or two areas. Skill understanding and levels achieved will vary per student.

Class on demand

Intensive, possibly one-on-one sessions of teaching and provide excellent opportunities for students to gain further skill and understanding in one or more areas.
Contact Education to discuss your requirements.


Supervised sessions where participants are supervised through their own projects and programs. Rather than teaching they are designed to oversee potential hirers ensuring an adequate understanding of, competency and skill level within an area is attained before final sign off for full induction. Contact Artistic Programs to discuss your requirements.


As part of the Steps to Induction Program undertaking classes or a mentorship you will need to obtain and maintain your own relevant insurance (including $20 million public liability and workers compensation where necessary). Canberra Glassworks insurance does not cover individuals while undertaking the Steps to Induction Process, nor does it cover artwork or personal possessions which the user may have in their studio or on the premises.