Robert is an American glass artist currently studying for his Master of Visual Arts at the School of Art, Australian National University. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Glass and Visual Communications from Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana. Before coming to Australia he completed an internship at STARworks, Star, North Carolina, and worked as a production glass blower at Flame Run Studio and Gallery, Kentucky.
Since arriving in Australia, Robert has assisted various artists at Canberra Glassworks and the School of Art. He was commissioned by the New South Wales Roads and Maritime Services for blown glass components as part of a refurbishing project around the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
His work explores the properties of glass, to activate a dialogue between natural phenomena and the man-made. Reflecting on the ways structural design in contemporary architecture draws inspiration from nature, he uses biomimicry as a point of departure. He is particularly interested in the way soap bubbles connect to each other, and create a unique framework. Combining his passion for glass blowing with this approach to systems in nature, he creates works that merge the materiality and property of glass with the structure of soap bubbles.