Born and raised in Ballarat, Victoria, Nick Adams was surrounded by history and grew up visiting one of the best collections of Australian Art at the Art Gallery of Ballarat. He studied glass at ANU, under Richard Whitely and Nadege Desgenetez, completing his honours year in 2014.

At a young age Nick was exposed to early handheld gaming devices, such as the Nintendo GameBoy. The characters in these games are a basis for inspiration of his work. The images are a modern contrast to the ancient process which he used, mosaic glass (murrini). Nick recognised potential between the square pixels on a GameBoy screen and the stacked patterns made by the murrini.

Nick has just completed the Emerging Artists Support Scheme residency at the Canberra Glassworks, where he developed a body of work about glitches out of grey scale to represent the lack of colour availability on the old original devices such as the Nintendo GameBoy. Still using the origins of the process as inspiration to help chose forms that work with the visuals.