Creative Events

Want to be more involved with our event program? Canberra Glassworks offers a wide variety of learning and engagement activities and classes as part of the events we host.

Classes are now available for National Science Week 2020 in response to our online webinar event, Requiem for a Reef .

The work ‘Requiem for a Reef’ exploits the beauty and fragility of glass to capture a crystalline moment of tension and fracture. Like glass, Earth’s ecosystems exist in a state of equilbrium and once pushed beyond a stable state, will radically change life as we know it.  Learning about the ocean can help us build a connection with it and therefore, develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for its future and care.

Deep Blue – Glass Sculpture

Capture the magnificent beauty of the Great Barrier Reef in this kiln forming workshop. Learn the basic process of creating kiln formed glass objects. Design, cut, create, learn,  fuse, enjoy!

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I spy in the Deep Blue Ocean

Use opaque and transparent papers to create a seascape filled with your favourite plants, animals and creatures that live under the sea. The visual effect  of cellophane paper will be used as an introduction to working with glass. Explore the concepts of colour, transparency and light reflection and refraction.

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