Making of the Ricciardo Decanter

Project: St Hugo and Daniel Ricciardo Decanters

“Working with the CGW team has been fantastic –it has been a steep learning curve for us as a wine business to branch out into artisan glasswork to say the least! From the start the team were committed to creating the best ‘Ricciardo Decanters’, worthy of the man and the wine!” – Celest Kenny, Head of Fine Wine at Pernod Ricard.

Described as “aerodynamic with finely tuned curves” by Daniel Ricciardo, the limited-edition Ricciardo Decanter is an exact replica of Ricciardo’s famed racing shoe and is crafted to deliver an exceptional experience worthy of DR3 x St Hugo.

The story

Since October 2021, Canberra Glassworks has been working with St Hugo Wines and Daniel Ricciardo to develop the newly famous Ricciardo Decanter that was launched at the 2022 Formula 1 Grand Prix in Melbourne.

Designed by Sydney based studio, Vert Design that took 100 meticulous design hours to complete, the limited-edition Ricciardo Decanter is an exact replica of Ricciardo’s famed racing shoe and is crafted to deliver an exceptional experience worthy of St Hugo’s DR3 wines. Canberra Glassworks was commissioned to make these extraordinary decanters.

As part of the development process the Canberra Glassworks team provided expert advice on the fabrication of the CNC-graphite mould and produced functional prototypes prior to the project going into full production.

The Ricciardo Decanter project has been a wonderful opportunity for Canberra Glassworks to continue to develop bespoke products for a range of industrial designers and clients. It has provided the ability to showcase its broad capabilities to work collaboratively with external clients and the expert craftsmanship of glass artists. The design, development and fabrication of the Ricciardo Decanter is one of the many ways that Canberra Glassworks demonstrates its leading role in producing exceptional hand fabricated glass products.

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Katie-Ann Houghton and Meg Wilkinson preparing the molten glass for the graphite mould.

Hugo Curtis coldworking the mould blown shoe.


Hotshop Gaffers (lead glass blower): Ben Edols, Katie-Ann Houghton, Rob Schwartz, Annette Blair and Liam Flemming,

with the assistance of: Nadina Geary, Dylan McCracken, Broni Sargeson, Nick Adams, Megan Wilkinson, Hugo Curtis, Jeremy Maffescioni and Jacqueline Knight.

Cold workers: Gail Knight, Kirstie Rea, Michelle Penalurick, Hugo Curtis, Dylan McCracken, Ben Edols, Katie-Ann Houghton, Aimee Frodsham, Spike Deane, Jacqueline Knight, Adina Leigh-Fitzsimons

Project Manager: Jacqueline Knight, Glassworks Production and Commissions Manager

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