Lucy Simpson's galuma-li

Project: Lucy Simpson, galuma-li, 2021, kilned formed glass.

Galuma-li evolved from time spent on Yuwaalaraay country in north-western New South Wales and was inspired by Country, tradition and concepts of balance based in stories related to migratory birds.

Here, seeking sustenance, in flight and reflected across waterways, they carry a narrative of generational knowledge, represented by four transparent glass coolamon forms that echo hand-crafted bark containers; old objects of necessity and innovation created to nurture, carry, provide and support.

One object balanced on a plinth centres the installation, connecting the floor (land and water) to hanging forms (sky). The overall installation replicates the floating of a feather to earth from above, imparting a sense of weightlessness.

The intent of the work is to provide an opportunity for the broader community to engage with narratives of responsibility, care, and continuing relationships; to take the audience on a journey of country and time (yilaalu) both back and forward.

Lucy Simpson is a Sydney-based Yuwaalaraay artist, designer, visual communicator and maker who specialises in objects of place, cultural continuities, textiles and conceptual storytelling. She embraces art-making as a process, continually connecting her work back to story and experience. 

Lucy Simpson, galuma-li, 2021, kilned formed glass. Video courtesy of the artist and Bloomberg.


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Project’s processes and techniques
  • Sandcasting with molten glass
  • Kiln forming – slumping and fused
  • Coldworked
  • Final delivery of __

Lucy was assisted by Kirstie Rea and Rose-Mary Faulkner for Canberra Glassworks and Carriage Works.