Canberra Glassworks’ studios and spaces offer exciting opportunities to develop and make art in a community of glassmakers that includes artists-in-residence from around Australia, visiting curators and international visitors. The studios and spaces within the building offer convenient access to all our facilities. Each studio and space may be shared or rented by individuals.

Studios + Spaces
LocationRent per month (inc GST)Features
Ground LevelLower 1$230.00ability to lock, one table, one shelf and heat
Lower 2$230.00ability to lock, one table, one shelf and heat
Lower 3$95.20ability to lock, one table, one shelf and heat
Project SpaceMid-level 1$110.00small desk and shelf
Mid-level 2$110.00small desk and shelf
Mid-level 3$110.00small desk and shelf
Engine RoomSpace 1$78.00small desk and shelf
Space 2$78.00small desk and shelf
Flame Space 1$78.00small desk and shelf
Flame Space 2 $78.00small desk and shelf
Length of tenancy
Temporary or Project studio spaceRental of desk space in the Engine Room or Project Space can be rented for short periods (charged weekly or monthly)
Short term studio6 months with 6 month option to extent (total of 1 year), can reapply after term, although new tenant application will be prioritised.
Long term studio1 year with a 1 year option to extend (total 2 years), can reapply after term, although new tenant application will be prioritised.
Partial year rentalWhen a studio becomes vacant before the 6 month or 12 month tenancy is up, an artist may wish to apply for the remainder of the year. Artists must reapply for the following year when call-outs go out in December.
Shelves, Sheet Glass Storage and Locker
LocationDurationRent (inc GST)Quantity available
Hotshop Shelving12 months$172.0012 spaces
Mouldroom Shelving 12 months$172.008 spaces
Sheet Glass Storage12 months$120.009 spaces
Locker Hire 12 months$191.00
12 months$382.00


Applications for studios are sought at the end of each calendar year.

  • Applicants are required to provide their top three preferences for studios/spaces but Canberra Glassworks cannot guarantee that the applicant’s preference will be met.
  • New applicants will be given priority as a part of the selection criteria.
  • Priority will also be given to existing tenants with exemplary credit histories.


Canberra Glassworks may terminate the Period of Hire if the tenant fails to pay Canberra Glassworks the hire fee when due, or, if the Tenant fails to abide by the Workshop Regulations and the Code of Conduct or engages in any other form of misconduct detrimental to the interests of Canberra Glassworks.

The Tenant must provide Canberra Glassworks with two months’ notice of cancellation of this agreement. This notice must be provided to Canberra Glassworks in writing.  Upon receipt of this notice, Canberra Glassworks will issue the tenant with an invoice for the two month residual period of this agreement.