Asialink Reciprocal Residency (2016 – 2018)

The Asialink Reciprocal Residency between Canberra Glassworks and Toyama Glass Studio (Japan) has been developed specifically for craft artists and each resident will undertake a six-week residency. The exchange occurs at different times of the year to enable the Australian and Japanese artists to meet each other in-country and introduce one another to local networks, settings and opportunities.

This reciprocal residency between Australia and Japan aims to foster cultural exchange and understanding between our regions.

  • Australian applicants for this exchange must be from the ACT.
  • Japanese applicants will be selected by Toyama Glass Studio.

Applicants for this residency must have a basic level of glass skills, and awareness of working in a hot glass workshop.

Both the Australian and Japanese recipients will be awarded a $6,000 Asialink grant towards their airfare, daily living expenses and materials. In-kind support will be offered by the Asian and Australian host organisation in the form of accommodation, hosting, studio space and exhibition/project costs.

Previous recipients

Sui Jackson
(Canberra Glassworks, ACT)
Ayano Yoshizumi
(Toyama Glass Studio, Japan)
John White
Takeyoshi Mitsui
(Toyama Glass Studio, Japan)

Toyama Glass Studio

Toyama Glass Studio was established by the Toyama City Government in 1994 for:

  • the purpose of developing and supporting glass art and craft professionals
  • for the popularisation and cultivation of glass art and craft
  • and for the promotion of a glass art and craft industry

The studio trains young glass artists to be independent professionals who can contribute to the local and global glass art and craft fields. To broaden the base for the culture of and promote the attractiveness of glass to citizens, Toyama Glass Studio organises interactive events and courses. In addition, they hold glass art and craft exhibitions and exchange programs in Japan and overseas to create a new market and network.

This Asialink reciprocal residency is a partnership between Toyama Glass Studio, Japan and Canberra Glassworks and is supported by Arts ACT.