Furnace glass made at Canberra Glassworks is subject to a range of variables which have subtle and at times profound impact on the quality of the glass available in the hiring program.

Poor glass quality is glass that is unusable due to heavy chords or striations in the glass, a level of seed that makes the glass too foggy, or a high level of snots in the glass.

If the glass quality is noticeably poor at any time, the technical staff should be informed immediately of the problem. The quality of the furnace glass is monitored on a weekly basis.

In the event of poor glass quality the Canberra Glassworks’ technical staff will assess the situation and take appropriate steps to restore the quality of the glass. Changes to the equipment will only be made in minor increments to achieve understandable results.

Under normal furnace conditions the glass may have slight cords or imperfections that may not compromise the workability of the glass. In these instances CGW expects that the glass is still usable. In addition it is understood that some cords or bubbles are created during normal use of the furnace.

The hirer can negotiate to cancel a session due to poor glass quality under the guidelines of CGW’s Cancellations and Refunds Procedure 2020.